I’m a master student at Tsinghua University, advised by Feng Xu. I’m interested in human-centric computer graphics and vision problems, e.g. full body recovery from RGB images (my bachelor thesis). I received my bachelor degree at Tsinghua University in 2019.

I was an intern at MPI-INF from February to June in 2019, advised by Christian Theobalt. I also worked with James Tompkin at Brown University for two months during the summer of 2018.

My most popular project is an unofficial implementation of SMPL Model in NumPy and TensorFlow (differentiable). I also shared a little bit experience in dealing with MoCap data: AMCParser.

Apart from research projects, I implemented a Rubik’s Cube, hacked CS1.6 CS-Hack, and played with ray-tracing on GPU MinimalOptiX.

In my daily life, I enjoy cycling and running.